I admit that I ’m not going to make any musketeers with this post. It’s presumably going to piss a many people off, turn a many people off, frustrate a many people, irk a many people but at least I ’m being honest.

I do n’t drink juice. Orange juice, apple juice, rooty rooty fresh and gooey juice, whatever. I do n’t drink it.

I’ve my reasons, however.

A while back, I wrote this

To be honest, I do n’t know whether there’s important purpose to a “ reasons to abstain food with added sugar ” rant, simply because it breaks down to an understanding of “ natural sugar ” against “ reused sugar. ”

Okay, then goes.

In nature, the primary place you find sugar is in fruit( there’s also honey, but we ’ll save that for another day.) The sugar in fruit is fructose.

Sidebar This, I presume, is why people always ask if they should “ stop eating fruit, ” mixing theanti-high fructose sludge saccharinity communication up with the understanding that fructose is a “ natural sugar set up in fruit. ” There’s a big difference between the two.

Whenever you find fruit in nature, it’s paired with two effects nutrients and fiber. Emphasis on the fiber. The fiber within the fruit blunts the impact of the sugar on your system and helps cleanse your inwards out at the same time.

Excerpted from Q&A Wednesday High Fructose Corn saccharinityvs. Table Sugar| A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss

The farther we take sugar out of its natural environmentmeaning, the further we take sugar from its origins granulated sugar and sucanat from sugar club, beet sugar, etc – the more problematic it becomes. Why? Because there’s no fiber. There’s veritably little in pure sugar that can fill us up, and since our body is always sifting through the food we ’ve ingested and looking for nutrients, you ’d be eating a sticky snack for quite a while before you came full. Not like there’s anything nutritional in it to fill you up.

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This, I believe, is why the soft drink assiduity is always talking about how “ soft drinks are no different from fruit juice. ” They ’re both sticky drinks taken out of the environment in which they ’re firstly set up. They ’re both sticky substances with no fiber and limited nutrients. By applying that sense, both should be avoided.


Do n’t get me wrong – on a scale of “ bad ” to “ OMG HORRIBLE DEATH LIQUID, ” a juice that comes directly from squeezed fruit is n’t on the “ death liquid ” side. Soda pop, still. I ’m sayin. It can clean the rust off a penny. Authorities with artificial seasoning AND artificial coloring? It’s a chemistry trial with swab( check that out coming time you drink it they nearly all have swab.) Authorities from concentrate a little better, but not relatively as nutritional as theirnon-concentrated counterparts.

What does “ from concentrate mean? ” It means a fruit juice was taken, had the water uprooted from it(?!), and stored down so that it could have the water added back at a after date. occasionally you can buy the “ concentrate ” in the freezer aisle of your grocery store. occasionally, you can buy a “ fruit juice ” that says “ from concentrate ” on the marker. Authorities from concentrate are frequently cheaper, though not in much.)


For me, it was also about a lot further than just nutrition and keeping a flat breadbasket . I was using authorities to foster my dependence to sugar. Taking in a substance that had “ everything meant to fill me up ” removed from it, especially when that substance is full of sugar, only allowed me to couloir myself on the sweet stuff. And let’s face it – when you have a full on sugar dependence , anything sweet will serve.

Like I wrote before

Having said all of that, I cringe a little on the inside when people talk about how they “ ca n’t give up ” or “ ca n’t live without ” or justify use of a certain food because that’s dependence talk. I know it’s not cocaine, it’s not alcohol, it’s not heroin. I get it. But I ’m not certain that it’s that different. In fact, wisdom has long said that the response that sugar causes in the brain is equal to that of heroin or cocaine, and causes us to crave it for the high crash when it’s low. Wash, wash, repeat. It’s a vicious cycle and every time I give in it, it makes it that much more delicate to say “ no ” the coming time I encounter the occasion to give in.

It’s indeed more strange when people admit that they go through “ recessions ” when they do n’t get their “ diurnal fix, ” but do n’t admit that cycle as an dependence . That’s particularly strange. maybe that’s because so important of society is addicted to sugar and exhibits the same actions, that it seems so common. That’s the only reason I can guess.

That’s a big part of why emotional eating exists – because sugar( in proper confluence with fat and/ or swab) provides a high that’s similar to that of any other narcotic. And because we come used to the high, it causes us to ultimately crave further and further and further and before we ’ve indeed noticed it we ’re gaining weight and suffering from ails we ’ve noway dealt with ahead.


Excerpted from What Is Sugar Addiction?| A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss

And, because of all that, I say no to authorities. I used to give myself an allowance for whenever I was sick. That was my green light to drink all the OJ I demanded but would it lean me back toward my sugar dependence once the “ sickwas gone? I no longer wish to risk it. either, I ’m not interested in drinking mycalories.However, I’ve to admit, is a oddity recently), If I come sick( which.

I believe, in my heart of hearts, that this was the most important part of my success. Being suitable to get down from my sugar dependence meant not only that I could recapture control of my feelings( I was n’t high off sugar, and also miserable and temperamental once the high came down), but that I could recapture my capability to sayno.I can say no, not because I ’m “ watching my figure, ” but because I ’m guarding myself from falling back down the rabbit hole.

I ’ll keep it stinky, though – I do want to watch my figure, too. All my hard work does n’t need to go down the restroom because the fruit punch tastes tasty. And by hard work, I mean both erecting my body and remonstrating my unhealthy internal attachments to food. It’s not worth setting myself back physically or mentally.

I say all that to say I had to spend a lot of time considering what I was drinking. I drank a lot of calories, a lot of sugar and a lot of plutocrat( because duly made authorities aren’t cheap) unnecessarily. I was n’t getting any fiber. It was a lot to waste on commodity that was n’t indeed filling me up. I made the decision to let go of the juice and simply eat the fruit( and if the juice does n’t come from an identifiable fruit, well) and I ’ve been happier for it.

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