For our first series ever, Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss will be explaining calorie counting, and ways to win the war. This is post 5 of the series – post 1, Defining The Basics of Calorie Counting, can be set up then. commentary are always ate , and questions will always be answered to the stylish of my capability.
Let’s be real. This thing gets tough. It’s hard to give up your favorite dishes when you find out they ’ve got a million calories. It’s hard to give up your favorite drink when you realize each bone takes up 1/ 6th of your sweet aggregate for the day. It’s easy to say “ To hell with this, I ’m going to Burger King. ” Trust me. I know.

To prepare yourself, take some time – in advance – to compass out some healthier druthers to your diurnalintake.However, find a different route to work, If you KNOW that driving past that Panera Bread is gon na make you stop in. Do what you can to avoid temptation, and ultimately the foods that you ’re avoiding won’t only lose their appeal, but they ’ll come less “ satisfying ” to your body( meaning, you wo n’t get that “ Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ” feeling), therefore making you less likely to indulge in them.

I know some people carry a tablet or a journal all day and mark every little calorie written down but let’s face it – that’s not a feasible option for everyone. So let’s set up a sample scanario. You ’ve set yourself a diurnal calorie position of 1400 calories. Make it easy on yourself. Break it down! 300 calories for breakfast, 400 calories for lunch, 700 calories for regale! Ta- dow! Nothing to keep track of over the course of a day. No borrowing of calories from breakfast for lunch. Set yourself a strict thing, and each day try to get near to maintaining it. You may not get it on point for the first many days, and that’s okhabits developed over a continuance wo n’t be canceled overnight.However, it’s not going to be easy to change that, If you ’re used to getting giving yourself what you want. It’s ok to accept and embrace that.


When I first started calorie counting, I was cheating like nothing’s business! I’ve a form for manual queso, right? Why was I eating it for breakfast – well over my calorie limit for that mess – and skipping lunch? I mean, my queso is deliciously healthy. but an large pot of it? Naw, man! No good! Do you know how painful it’s to gormandize at breakfast, and not eat until regale? Path of destruction, right? Losing the battle before I could indeed reach the field, right? Just awful! Do n’t do it to yourself. Just do n’t.

For our first series ever, Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss will be explaining calorie counting, and ways to win the war. commentary are always ate , and questions will always be answered to the stylish of my capability. 🙂

A anthology hit me up with a question about calorie counting. principally, participating with me that for her thing of losing a couple of pounds a week, there’s information each across the Internet saying to shoot for a thing of 1200- 1500 calories.

That’s each well and good, but what if that’s what you were eating before? How do you take in 1500 calories? Where do you go from where you’re now?

Let me explain what calorie counting is, and what it does for a person. also we can get into applicable calorie figures.

First, the constants. What I mean by “ constants ” is the generalities that will be the same no matter WHO you are, how important you weigh, how altitudinous you are, how important you want to lose, or how active you are. So far so good?

The Constants
Pounds. Three thousand five hundred( 3 500) calories is equal to a pound. What this means is that for every 3500 calories you burn, you’ll have burned a pound’s worth of energy.
Calories. Calories are what your body becks in order to serve.( suppose of when you hit a cardio machine in the spa, and it tells you how numerous calories you ’ve burned so far – it’s telling you the quantum of energy your body has used therefore far in order to do your exercise.)
Metabolism. Metabolism manages this geste . Meaning, when your body needs energy to carry out a functionbe it running a afar or eating a steak – your metabolism facilitates that energy burst. handed you do n’t have a thyroid problem, your metabolism is suitable to move as snappily or as sluggishly as you do. WebMD says that it “ not only convert food into energy but also affect how efficiently you burn that energy. ”
Weight loss. Weight loss is absolutely about creating a insufficiency in calories taken in so that there’s an excess of calories burned. No matter how you managed to find yourself fat, the nethermost line still stands – we will each lose it the same way.


The Sticky Part
Pounds. We all weigh else, and we all got our redundant weight in different mores. For me, it was a combination of council and gestation. For my stylish friend, it was a strong drop in exertion situations between jobs. For my professor, it was emotional eating. Some of us have always been fat, and others of us packed on a large quantum of weight in a small quantum of time.( As I presently state in my about– me section, I packed it on at a rate of 20 lbs per time. Yikes.)
Calories. We all eat different quantities! Why? Because we all weigh else, live in different climates, and our bodies reply else to certain calorie situations. To the person who might be burning a ton of calories but yet is still eating further than she’s burning per day, to the person who may have a great day with calorie situations only to follow it up with a day horrible enough to ruin three good eating days. We all are in the same boat, we all got there the same way( eating further than we burned,) but where we ’re coming from will differ.
Metabolism. Our metabolism – our body’s capability to use energy and use it dulychanges over time. In our teens, our bodies are always burning energy like crazy because we ’re growing. When we ’re pregnant, our bodies are burning an excess of energy because we ’re easing a life inside of our bodies. As we progress, our metabolism’s power decreases by about 5 per decade. The quantum of exertion our bodies have to endure determines how fast and how frequently our metabolism moves. So, yes you could keep your metabolism burning by eating all day – but are you eating celery sticks or cheetos? 🙂
Weight loss. After a veritably long back– and- forth debate with a caller, I ’ve learned that some of us are simply beaten. For one reason or another, we believe this struggle is much more delicate than it actually may be, and that’s without trying it the old– fashioned way. Our 40s, 50s, and 60s babies did n’t have to fight demons like this, because their food was actually food when they were in their 20s and 30s. Their portions were lower so it was nothing to “ clean their plates. ” Their dishes were more wholesome. They were n’t devouring 7- subcaste dips, or pound- sized coliseums of pasta when they went out to eat. They simply were unequipped to handle the struggle, and so we ’re all left feeling a little helpless. We all are a bit oblivious as to why we ’re less healthy, why we ca n’t get this burden off our tails, and how we can successfully lose these last many troubling pounds.
Having said all that, now I suppose we ’re ready to get down to business.

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